State of the Union

State of the Union report 2018-2020We are facing three crises in America—a health crisis, an economic crisis and an overdue reckoning with a history of racial and social injustice—all made worse because of Donald Trump.

As individuals, most of us don’t have the power to create the kind of change our country needs right now. But together—when we care, fight, show up and vote—we accomplish what is impossible to achieve alone. With about three-quarters of members giving the AFT and their local union high marks, we have the energy and unity we need to succeed. Our union is the vehicle for ensuring our voices are heard. Our power comes from what we can negotiate through collective bargaining, what we can achieve when we join with our communities and who we can elect. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 election was about the soul of our country. Now it’s about everything—our soul, our safety, our health, our freedoms, our democracy, our economic well-being.

Through both activism and elections, we change the narrative, enact new policies and create a better life for all. The State of the Union 2018–2020 is full of inspiring examples of how we have mobilized community partners to decrease racial injustice, used collective bargaining to increase student services and patient safety, created a new era of strikes to address the needs of working people and helped union members and union-friendly candidates win elections. That’s why today—after Janus—we’re still 1.7 million members strong.