Green cleaning for early childhood educators

Watch the video to learn more about our green cleaning initiative in Vermont.

Green cleaning daycare projectGreen cleaning daycare project

The video is also available in Spanish.

Common cleaning products can be a hazard in child care environments. Learn how to protect young learners, yourself and the environment. We offer practical tips and valuable information as well as additional resources tailored to early learning programs in every setting. 

Below, check out these easy-to-use ideas for green cleaning from experts Carol Westinghouse, Informed Green Solutions; Dr. Asa Bradman, Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health at the University of California, Berkeley; Vickie Leonard, University of California, San Francisco, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit; and child care providers.


Green cleaning brochure

Why should early childhood educators Implement a green cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting program?

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Children's Health

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