Union Talk Podcast

On Union Talk, AFT president Randi Weingarten will interview workers, policymakers and experts who are confronting the issues working families face and championing solutions. From the classroom to the bargaining table to Congress to the streets, Union Talk will look at the past, present and possible ways the labor movement and unions are vehicles to secure opportunity, justice and a voice in our democracy for all. Different episodes of Union Talk will do deep dives on great public schools and affordable higher education, healthcare as a right, unions, an economy that works for all and what it takes to maintain a thriving democracy. Union Talk will tell the stories that demonstrate that together we can accomplish for our families and communities what is impossible to do alone.

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Episode List

Union Talk Podcast - Episode 410/07/21

From the Bedside: A Conversation with Nurses Caring for COVID Patients

"Union Talk" brings you inside America's hospitals to talk to three nurses about the stress, strain and "emotional roller coaster" they've faced caring for patients throughout the pandemic and what they want people to know about vaccines, misinformation and what nurses need in this moment.

Union Talk Podcast - Episode 309/22/21

Prioritizing Student and Staff Safety in the Classroom

Take a listen to our latest AFT virtual town hall, bringing together distinguished experts and leaders from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Turnaround for Children, AASA/The School Superintendents Association and the National PTA, as well as the U.S. surgeon general, as they answer questions, debunk myths and share information about how we can reopen schools—and keep schools open—while prioritizing safety for students and staff.

Union Talk Podcast - Episode 2 09/04/21

Labor Day with Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

Randi talks with Labor Secretary Marty Walsh about the importance of unions, building power for working people in our economy, how the Biden administration is ensuring the freedom for all to thrive and what his Labor Day message is to the American people.

Union Talk Podcast - Episode 1 09/04/21

A Safe Back to School for All

Learn how one district in Lynn, Mass., is working together for a safe and successful back to school for all. As part of her national back-to-school tour, Randi sits down with the leader of the Lynn Teachers Union, a member and parent, the superintendent and the mayor to talk about how they’re working together to safely reopen schools for in-person learning and what other districts can learn from their experience.