We care. We fight. We show up. We vote.

Our members and their unions do amazing work every day, not only on the job, but also in their communities. As a union, we care, we fight and we show up.

We are educators, nurses and health professionals, and public service employees because we care for others—for our students, our patients and the public we serve.

We fight for great public schools, for economic opportunity and security. We fight for healthcare so nobody is one illness away from bankruptcy and for a secure retirement. We fight for our democracy and for a society that is safe, welcoming and sane and that means fighting against hatred and bigotry in all forms. We fight for jobs, justice and freedom for all.

And we show up. We show up for one another, for our communities and at the ballot box.

Here are just a few examples of some of the great work that AFT members and their unions around the country are doing.


Member Stories

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More teachers of color
Baltimore Teachers Union member Harry Preston knows that when students of color have teachers who look like them and share similar life experiences, they are more successful at school.
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Breaking the silence
Caitlin Shipp, a member of the Montana Nurses Association, believes it's time to start talking out loud about the reality of the workplace violence threat nurses face every day.
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New York City

Undocumented and unafraid
United Federation of Teacher paraprofessional Lee-Ann Graham embraces what immigrants have in common: the desire to excel and to make a good life for ourselves and our families.
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Courtland, N.Y.

Fighting for campus equity
Anne Wiegard, a member of United University Professions at SUNY Courtland, believes all faculty need to come together to fight for better treatment of adjuncts on campus.

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