AFT Resolution


WHEREAS, international workers make up a significant percentage of the workforce in many states; and

WHEREAS, the material conditions and lived experiences of international workers are substantially different from domestic workers, including visa and work restrictions, fear of reprisal, and discrimination; and

WHEREAS, international workers require and deserve protection and support from their organizations and the state regardless of documentation status:

RESOLVED, that the American Federation of Teachers will acknowledge, promote and build awareness of the multiple struggles international workers face in their work environments; and

RESOLVED, that the AFT will promote bargaining platforms and make available resources, including providing optional training that addresses international workers' concerns and challenges separately, and will protect them.


Please note that a newer resolution, or portion of a resolution, may have superseded an earlier resolution on the same subject. As a result, with the exception of resolutions adopted at our most recent AFT convention, resolutions do not necessarily reflect current AFT policies.