Retirees in action

Activists never retire

This year's AFT Retiree Leaders Conference generated a lot of discussion among attendees about building membership and increasing activism. Many retirees stressed the importance of talking about the value of the union with all members—active and retired.

Always a nurse

Mary Consoli may have retired from bedside nursing and the day-to-day operations of running the Danbury (Conn.) Nurses’ Union, but she didn't retire her passion for her profession and the need to provide safe patient care.

Retirees Resources

Social Security

Social Security is the most universal, fair, secure, and efficient retirement income arrangement in the country. It provides America's workers and their families vital life insurance and disability insurance protection. Social Security's many strengths include it is a benefit that can not be outlived, and protects against inflation. The many weaknesses of private sector retirement arrangements and the rarity of private long-term disability insurance makes one thing perfectly clear: It is time to expand Social Security.

Health Care & Retirement

Some members of Congress argue that in order to save Medicare benefits need to be cut and the eligibility age should be raised in order to save the program for the future. Proposals to shift added costs to people with Medicare by increasing premiums, deductibles, copayments and coinsurance and scaling back supplemental insurance are gaining bipartisan support in Congress.

Protecting pensions

There are millions of teachers, nurses, police, firefighters and other public sector employees across the country who rely on public pensions. Read the stories from workers who share what their pension means to them.

Take Action

Violence should never be a part of the job. The house has passed the Workplace Violence Prevention Act; it is time for the Senate to do their part: Protect healthcare workers and pass S. 851.

Protect healthcare workers

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